Momma Dog Named “Momma Dawg” Receives Life-Saving Surgery At Vet Ranch

Warning: Video contains real surgical footage that may disturb some viewers.

“We’re gonna fix ’em all!” That’s the motto of the Texas-based animal hospital/rescue group, Vet Ranch, Inc. Sounds pretty ambitious, right? That’s because it is. The goal of Dr. Matt and his caring staff is to make sure that no animal suffers just because they do not have a human willing or able to pay for their veterinary care.


100% of the money donated to this innovative rescue goes directly to caring for animals like Momma Dawg. Earlier this month, Dr. Dave posted a video to the Vet Ranch’s popular YouTube channel showing former stray Momma Dawg before and after she underwent surgery to remove her reproductive organs and mammary tumors.

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Dr. Dave shows the audience the swelling in Momma Dawg’s mammary chain, revealing that she basically has “Doggy Breast Cancer.” Performing a complete Ovario-hysterectomy (Spay) and removing the cancerous mammary tissue will help ensure that Momma Dawg can live out the rest of her life in happiness and health. Even more good news – Momma Dawg already has an adoptive family!

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The images in the video may be graphic, but there can be no doubt, these guys are saving lives one animal at a time! If you would like to make a donation to help Vet Ranch “Fix ’em all” you can do so on their website via PayPal. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube channel to see all of their inspiring success stories!

Featured Image via Vet Ranch, Inc/YouTube

Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago