Speckled Pup With Long Tongue Has The Most Epic Yawn Ever

WeRateDogs on Twitter does just what their name suggests. You send them photos and/or videos of your dog and they rate them from 1 - 10. However, they've been known to dole out a few 11's and 12's to extra special pooches. Enter Taco, a unique looking pup with a tongue that would be more at home in the mouth of a giraffe than a dog. WeRateDogs declared him as having the Most Impressive Yawn with a 12/10 back in December. According to an update this afternoon, he has yet to be usurped. Think your sleepy dog has what it takes to dethrone Taco? Submit your evidence!

H/T and Featured Images via WeRateDogs/Twitter

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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