We Need To Talk About Ms. Mari The Japanese Shiba Superstar

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It’s time we start recognizing the most underrated dog/Dad duo of the 21st century. I am, of course, referring to inosemarine. The Japanese power couple that is, Ms. Mari and Man. Ms. Mari is a Shiba Inu. Man is a man. I haven’t actually caught his name yet, but I’m working on it. You most likely know this dream team from the GIF seen ’round the world:


Ms. Mari has made a whole career out of denying her Dad’s kisses. Also popular in Ms. Mari’s oeuvre are videos of her, well, just undermining him in general. But we would be remiss and foolhardy to ignore some of Ms. Mari’s “deep cuts.” And what better place to honor these YouTube luminaries than here at Bark After Dark!

Let’s start with this motherpuppin’, bat-Shiba crazy, Dog damnn masterpiece

See you next week, inosemarine!

Featured image via inosemarine

Zoe Costello

6 years ago

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