Mutt Math: Miniature Schnauzer + Yorkie

This post is a part of our series called “Mutt Math” where we do a bit of dog-enometry and sharing some awesome pup combos. Have a mutt you want to see featured? Email [email protected] for consideration! (Make sure you send lots of pictures! :))

Today’s equation:

yorkie schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer + Yorkshire Terrier = Schnorkie

A quote from this Schnorkie’s pup mom, Jenn, “We want the world to know that Schnauzers and yorkies make excellent best friends!”

yorkie schnauzer

As a pup:

yorkie schnauzer

With a Yorkie haircut:

yorkie schnauzer

With a Schnauzer haircut:

yorkie schnauzer

 Thanks so much for your submission, Jen! If you want to see your pup featured, just email [email protected] with lots of pics! 🙂 

Stacie Grissom

9 years ago