10 Things All Mutt Parents Understand

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

June 26, 2015

Bringing a mutt home is like finding a package on your front porch and not remembering what you ordered, but then opening it up only to get super excited about what’s in store for you. Especially if you can’t pinpoint your mutt’s melting pot of breeds, his little quirks will be a mystery all their own, just waiting and ready to delight you around every corner. I’m sure every mutt mom and dog dad can relate to these mixed breed facts of life.

1. Lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality.

Most mutt pawrents either rescued their dog from a shelter or took them in as a stray. Just because you didn’t pay a fortune for a pedigree, doesn’t mean you’re getting anything less than an awesome dog. Mutts are just as loyal, intelligent and loving as any of their pure bred cousins.


2. You get to choose the best of both worlds.

Instead of settling on a specific breed that will be limited to a certain range of size, color and characteristics, mutt pawrents get the joy of loving a dog with endless possibilities! Will he have muscles like a Greyhound? Spots like a dalmation? A curly pug tail? Maybe all of the above!


3. Mutts are one of a kind.

Chances are you’re never going to lose your mutt in a crowd. With so many variations in those genetic codes, it’s pretty challenging to find two that look just alike. Plus it’s always a proud moment when people compliment your pooch’s cool and unique look!

unique mutt

4. They’re more flexible.

Certain purebreds are very limited in the types of lifestyles and activities they can acclimate to. An Australian Shepherd is likely going to want to herd your cats. A Pekingese is never going to make a great long distance running partner. Mutts are much more likely to go with the flow and enjoy your favorite activities with you.

mutt fishing

5. They can do anything a pure bred dog can do.

Just because your mutt isn’t 100% Labrador Retriever doesn’t mean he can’t make a fabulous dock diver. Mutts all over the world are being trained for a number of recreational activities like hunting and agility. More still are being tapped as service dogs to the blind or disabled.

Pittie Service Dog

6. They have loads of personality.

Mutts may possess a few of the personalities traits of each of the breeds in their mix, or they may have a completely unique persona. Mixed breed pawrents know the entertainment that comes from watching your mutt react to each new situation. They are certainly never boring!

Silly Mutt

7. They provide the joy of speculation.

Who among us hasn’t sat around brainstorming all the possible breed mixes that might be circulating in our dogs’ chromosomes? Sure, you could always run a DNA test, but doesn’t that spoil some of the fun? Also, you may be surprised by what you find out!


8. They have lower risk for certain health problems.

There are certainly exceptions, but overall mutts seem to enjoy longer lives with less risk for some genetic diseases. Many purebreds are predisposed to dangerous illnesses like certain Cancers. Diluting the gene pool seems to lower the risk.

senior mutt

9. If you get them from a shelter they may come pre-trained.

Not that the puppy stage isn’t a joyous time, but rescuing a mutt from a shelter may mean that you get to skip a lot of puppy problems. I don’t think anyone would mind avoiding the midnight wake up calls, teething and “accidents” all over your house.


10. No matter where they come from, you saved a life.

Whether your mutt came from an accidental litter, a ditch by the side of the road, or the local shelter, bringing them into your home has given them a new lease on life. Mutts make up 75% of the dogs in shelters, and just as many will die there as get adopted. You never know, your mutt may save you a little, too. I know mine have.


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Featured Image via @haleybearington

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

June 26, 2015

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