Unwanted Rescue Dog Catches George Clooney’s Attention, Hits Adoption Jackpot

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

January 27, 2016

The Cincinatti-based rescue group LuvFurMutts had begun to lose hope that a special little dog named Nate would ever find his forever home. The group had taken in 11 of 22 dogs rescued from a hoarding situation nine months earlier. Over that period, several of the other dogs were adopted one by one. But not poor Nate.


The little Terrier had been born with multiple birth defects that left him with a “leg that sways,” a barrel chest, and a gait “like a Hyena.” He was painfully thin when the volunteers of LuvFurMutts first met him. The other dogs rescued from the home with Nate were much larger and likely bullied the timid Terrier.

Each time there was an adoption event, Nate was overlooked. Some people even made fun of him or burst into tears at his physical appearance. No one seemed to realize that despite his differences, Nate was capable of just as much love and devotion as any other dog. Well, maybe one person realized. A representative for the rescue group wrote on their website:

Little did we know someone had been ogling over him for a while watching his videos and reading his profile and Nate was about to get a very special Christmas surprise!

The one and only George Clooney had caught word of Nate all the way from his home in England! He had been on the lookout for a canine companion for his parents, Nick and Nina, and he thought Nate would be perfect. Mr. Clooney showed his mother Nate’s YouTube video. She watched it over and over again, falling more in love each time. When asked how he felt about opening his home to a special dog like Nate, Nick Clooney said:


I guess it sounds like he gets around just as good as we do anymore.



Nick and Nina Clooney had lost their own Terrier recently, but their lonely dog-less nights were about to come to an end. A representative from LuvFurMutts delivered Nate directly to the Clooney’s front door and into Nina’s loving arms on Christmas Eve. Nate’s unannounced arrival was a Christmas surprise from George.

After waiting a month to allow them to enjoy their holidays in private, LuvFurMutts expressed their gratitude and admiration to the entire Clooney family for taking a chance on the little Terrier no one seemed to want:

What is impressive is the fact that George picked Nate out and Nick and Nina accepted Nate just the way he is. They could have any dog in the world but they chose to adopt a dog who was crippled and could have been with LuvFurMutts for life.


Nate’s “sister” Scarlet from the same hoarding case is still available for adoption (that’s her above). Be sure to follow LuvFurMutts on Facebook. Monetary donations can be made to support this wonderful group via PayPal or you can opt to send supplies via Amazon.

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

January 27, 2016

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