These Pup Parents Found The Best Way To Silence Annoying People Asking About Babies

It's no secret that Americans are a dog-crazy bunch. Some might even say that we treat man's best friend more like a little bundle of joy. That's exactly what Alabama photographer Jamie Clauss set out to explore with her interpretation of newborn photos. Jan and Chase Renegar and their pup Snuggles were more than happy to play the roles of "proud parents" and "darling newborn," respectively. “The session was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, a visual take on how we humanize our pets,” Jamie explained, excited to creatively combine her areas of expertise: newborn and pet photography. While Jamie's artistic photos were all in good fun, I have to admit that I kind of of enjoy imagining it as a cheeky reprieve from the flood of friends' milestones that take over your Facebook feed when you head into your late 20's and beyond. Or, a clever way to answer overly-nosey relatives who won't stop asking, "So, when are you gonna have a baby? Tick-tock!" Just imagine presenting them this photo with a sassy bit of side eye, courtesy of the precious pup. ;)
h/t to Elite Daily

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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