Adorable Rescue Pup Gets Job At A Craft Store, Lives Sparkly Ever After

Written by: Stacie Grissom

June 1, 2015

Meet Podgie, the adorable office pups of the folks over at For the Makers, an amazing handmade subscription box for DIY lovers. (Note from author: I’ve been a subscriber for two years and it is INCREDIBLE. See more on my personal blog here. <3) Today, Podgie is an office pup who hangs out amongst all the pretty crafts and DIY jewelry supplies in the For the Makers' Brooklyn pawffice, but that wasn't always the case. Podgie's mom + For the Makers founder, Janet Crowther, answers a few questions below! Podgie_3

What’s Podgie’s backstory?
We adopted Podgie with the help of a couple that rescues dogs from kill shelters in South Carolina. They were unsure of his age and breed but he was only 3 pounds when we got him. When not doing wind sprints down the hallways, Podgie is happiest under the covers. Just give him a warm blanket to lay under and he’ll see you and the light-of-day later. His favorite treats are liver and he gives a really awesome high five for them.


What do you like about having a dog in the office?
Lucky for us, Podgie only lives two blocks from the office which means we see him a lot! He makes it easy to validate that 4th walk to the coffee shop or what we like to call “break time, treat time.” He keeps everyone in line. Don’t try to leave or break up the pack because he’ll let you know he’s unhappy about it. Must stay close and be a crafty unit until 6pm.


Does Podgie have a specific job at For the Makers?
He’s known as the paper shredder. We never had a need to buy one…any important documents that need disposal go straight on the floor for Podgie to handle. This only becomes an issue when you accidentally drop a piece of important paper on the floor. There is no 5 second rule here, it’s gone in 2 seconds flat.


Any funny stories of trouble Podgie has gotten into while on the job?
Podgie loves to eat all of the sparkly things. We’ve even seen him poop a sequin or two. It’s hard to keep up with everything laying around the For the Makers office but Podgie does a pretty good job of letting us know when something is out of place.


For more from the For the Makers ladies, visit their blog The Source!

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Written by: Stacie Grissom

June 1, 2015

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