16 One-Star Yelp Reviews From Dogs’ Least Favorite Poop Locations

Watching a dog decide where to poop is like watching a couple argue over where to go to dinner. At a certain point it's like, "HONESTLY WHO CARES JUST PICK SOMEWHERE." But, as many of you pup pawrents know, some dogs are picky. In fact, some of them are poofectionists. And if they are forced to go somewhere below their standards, you better believe they're going to write a strongly worded Yelp review about it: yelp-dogs-3-bigger-font yelp-dogs-bigger-font-4 yelp-dogs-bigger-font-6 yelp-dogs-bigger-font-5 yelp-dogs-bigger-font-1 yelp-dogs-bigger-font-2 yelp-dogs-bigger-font-7 yelp-dogs-bigger-font-8 yelp-dogs-bigger-font-9 yelp-dogs-bigger-font-10 yelp-dogs-bigger-font-11 dog-yelp-bigger-font-12 dog-yelp-bigger-font-13 dog-yelp-bigger-font-14 yelp-dogs-bigger-font-15 dog-yelp-bigger-font-16

Featured image (dog) via Flickr

Katie Haller

6 years ago

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