I Treated My Dog To A Luxurious Staycation At A Dog-Friendly Hotel

I'm a workaholic who hasn't really had a true vacation since I was in middle school. You know, the kind of vacation where you relax and do absolutely NOTHING. Now, with a dog, taking a vacation has become that much harder. I don't trust just anyone to watch my dog, and there aren't many dog-friendly places where I can bring him along too. Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.57.59 AM   So, when I stumbled onto The Sherry Netherland's Lap of Luxury Pooch Package, I knew that this would be my chance to not just treat my dog but get a break from the daily grind myself! And what better way to spend quality time with my dog but do our favorite things together. Like lounging on couches and binge-watching shows, sleeping... a lot and being thoroughly pampered. Now that's what we call luxury.   benji_thesherry06   From the minute we walked into The Sherry to riding up a very ornate elevator to walking into what was basically a pretty big apartment style suite, we were treated like the most important guests they've ever had. (And this hotel's been home to some pretty famous people that include the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Barbra Streisand, Will Ferrell, etc.)   benji_theserry11   Benji, my dog, was spoiled by every single person who saw him at the hotel. In fact, when we checked in he was greeted by the front desk manager with some treats and a whole lot of belly rubs. And he was welcomed to the suite with his very own dog bed, food and water bowls and a little bag of delicious goodies.   benji_thesherry03   He felt so at home that he just spent the first hour of our stay doing zoomies around the apartment. (Seriously, there's SO. MUCH. ROOM.) He probably couldn't believe his luck at having this much space, (a rarity in New York).   benji_thesherry07   While Benji was reveling in his new found royal status, I was checking out the cloud like king sized bed that overlooked Central Park and Fifth Ave. Could this staycation get any better?   benji_thesherry18   Turns out it did, because not only was I treated to gourmet chocolates, a cheese plate and breakfast from Harry Cipriani's, I also got a chance to just hang out with my dog in luxury.   benji_thesherry19   If you want to get away in style like I did, make sure to check out The Sherry-Netherland and their awesome Lap of Luxury Pooch package where canine guests receive a box at check-in!

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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