Owner Caught On Video Dumping Dog In Front Of Shelter

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

December 4, 2015

Destiny the Pibble‘s mom – who works at the Washington County SPCA in Bartlesville, OK – posted the following video to her Facebook page at 8:30 PM on the eve of Thanksgiving. Volunteers were shocked, appalled and saddened that morning when they viewed the footage on the security camera, clearly showing a dog being abandoned in front of the shelter by her owner.

AbandonedMama Sherry here. Some days are better than others. Today was not that day. I received a call from the shelter early this morning – someone was caught on camera dumping a dog. Of course it’s a larger dog, the ones that take longer to find homes for. Of course it’s a Pit Bull. I watched the footage as the man unleashes her, then walks away without a second thought. I watched her stand there, looking at him drive away. I know there are those who’ll say, “Well, at least he dumped her at a shelter.” But you know what? This dog had a home. She’s well-fed. She knows commands. She can sit. Takes treats super gently. She LOVES when you ask if she wants to go for a walk. She’s potty-trained. She had a name. SHE HAD A NAME! All she wanted to do was sit in my lap with her head on my chest. And if I stopped petting her, she nudged my hand until I started again. I am angry. I am frustrated. I am saddened. On the eve of Thanksgiving, someone threw her away like garbage. Baby Girl, I may not know your real name, but from now on, you’ll be loved and cherished. We’ll find you a forever home, I promise, never again to be thrown away. This is your new beginning. ❤️

Posted by Destiny the Pibble on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The video depicts a man calmly walking the pooch behind the shelter fence, removing her leash, and walking away without a hint of hesitation. Angel – as shelter staff have named her – initially runs off to greet the other two dogs in the fenced enclosure. She then realizes her dad is leaving her and rushes to the gate as he drives away.

Tyler Dog Photography Angel the Pit Bull

It’s a heartbreaking story that is unfortunately all too common. Approximately 3.8 million dogs enter shelters each year in the US, many abandoned from previously caring homes. About 35% of them will find new homes, but another 31% will be euthanized.

Angel is a large adult mixed breed with Pit Bull characteristics – the most difficult type of dog to place into a new home. Her story is another sad statistic in an ongoing crisis.

Tyler Dog Photography Angel the Pit Bull 2

It’s difficult not to smile when watching the next video posted to the Destiny the Pibble Facebook page. It depicts Angel, just three days after being abandoned, happily performing tricks and eating treats with a shelter employee.

Look how pretty and smart this girl is! This is the girl throwed away by the man the other day. She’s gonna be so much better off in her new life!!! ❤️LoveDestiny the Blessed Pibble #destinythepibble

Posted by Destiny the Pibble on Saturday, November 28, 2015


Even though Angel has adapted beautifully to her new situation – and many Facebook users have expressed interest in adopting her – we must remember that so many other dogs are not as lucky. If you’re interested in getting a dog, PLEASE consider adopting one like Angel from a shelter like the Washington County SPCA. There are currently 41 adoptable pets on their Petfinder who would love to make your couch their new bed.

Featured Image via Tyler Dog Photography

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

December 4, 2015

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