17 Dogs Out To Ruin Your First-Day-Of-School Photos

Heading back to school after a long, relaxing summer is rough on kids, but some have it worse than others. These kids are saddled with insanely jealous fur siblings who are determined to make the first day of school all about themselves! Check out these brash photo bombers turning innocent family photos into shameless attention seeking attempts! "Silly boys, did you really think a flimsy screen could keep me out of this pic?" school-photo-dog15 "Don't mind me, I'm just innocently checking out this windmill thingy...Oh, you were taking a selfie?" school-photo-dog14 This beast wants to steal your cupcakes AND ruin your memories! school-photo-dog13 "Have a great first day!...Are you gonna finish that waffle?" school-photo-dog12 You SHOULD hide your face, pup! Shame! school-photo-dog11 "You can lose the owl now, your REAL back to school buddy is here." school-photo-dog9 Throwback Photo Hack! school-photo-dog8 "What? I take this route every day at this time." school-photo-dog7 "Sparkly ruffled dress, huh? You win this time, mini hooman!" school-photo-dog6 "Thank you, I FEEL adorable! Oh, you were talking to the hooman?" school-photo-dog5 "Hey, I can stick my tongue out, too! Can I be in the bus stop pic?" school-photo-dog4 "You may be a senior now, but you'll always be my little girl. Now move over!" school-photo-dog3 "Hey, hairless puppy! Let me out! I want to be in the photo!" school-photo-dog2 "Your backpack is my hostage until you agree to take me to school with you!" school-photo-dog1 Mooning the camera?  Real mature, Dog! funny-photobomb-8 "You didn't think you could go off to school or have a photo op without me, did you?" tdKhCRs "They said report to the auditorium for pictures. They didn't say hoomans only!" GVuwBle

Featured image via @octaviaaivatco

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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