11 Dogs That Are Down To Be Your Pillow

Reviewed by Ally Nesmith

November 13, 2015

*Disclaimer*: As cozy as it looks, please do not lie on your dog if it makes them in any way uncomfortable. It could create a less-than-ideal situation.

You know that feeling. You’ve just gotten home after a grueling day at wherever, kicked off your shoes at the door, and crawled under those cloud-like covers.

Now, just take a few deep breaths and let yourself melt into the mattress. (Breathe in) Ahhh, soak in that serenity. (Breathe out) Nothing could be better — except, perhaps, adding your super awesome best friend to the mix.


There’s just something about resting your head on the one you love. Especially when the one you love is basically shaped like a giant pillow with legs.


A night of poor decision-making can leave you cuddling with some…unsavory strangers. But you never have to worry about that if you just remember to #spoonyourpooch instead. (That’s not a thing yet, but if we all work together, it will be soon).


There’s no need to wait for bedtime either, pup-shaped pillows are great for grabbing a micronap anytime, anywhere.


Even for just a good, old-fashioned, two kinds of queso & Netflix binge…

FullSizeRender (31)

Doberman Talk

And even if you’re wired and sleeping isn’t really an option, there’s no better slumber party partner than your furriest friend.


And you know the dogs are always down to return the favor…


dog note book


Cherie Morganroth - head

It’s simple. With a dog, thou shalt never nap alone.


Reviewed by Ally Nesmith

November 13, 2015