Stolen Mama Pittie Joyfully Reunites With Newborn Pups After Days Of Uncertainty

Written by: Stephanie Valente

August 28, 2015

Sadie, a Pit Bull, was stolen from her own yard and endured two days away from her family and, even more tragically, her newborn pups.

pittie mama

That’s when an angel came to Sadie’s rescue. Kelly Cole was driving home from work when she spotted the precious Pit Bull running alongside a man on a bicycle. It was a hot, summer day. Kelly knew something was up.

kelly pittie mama

She pulled over to the side of the road and offered to take the Pit Bull off the man’s hands. Surprisingly, he agreed to her offer without an argument. The thief in question was later discovered to be a local homeless man, who stole the pup because it reminded him of a family dog from childhood.


pittie mama in car

The pup was hot and Cole noticed that the Pit Bull was a new mom. She posted on Facebook:

“The bottoms of her feet are completely blistered, peeled off and raw…She can barely walk.”

Immediately, she drove to the rescued pup to a trusted vet.

sadie pup

Cole took the rescued pup’s story to the internet. And then, thanks to the power of social media, a miraculous event happened. The pup’s human saw the post! The lost dog is named Sadie and she recently gave birth to a littler of puppies herself.

sadie with puppies

In a tear-jerking blaze of glory, Sadie was reunited with her pups! And, in an even happier ending, all of the puppies were adopted to forever homes.

happy pups

In the wake of this trauma, it’s heartwarming to know they can live out their days in homes filled with love, safety and happiness. ❤️

Featured image via Kelly Cole and H/t via The Dodo

Written by: Stephanie Valente

August 28, 2015