Dog Parents Surprise Their Cat-Loving Pittie With His Own Kitten Sister

Written by: Taryn Brooke

April 20, 2016

It’s rare when an older hooman sibling doesn’t experience pangs of jealously when mommy and daddy bring another baby home, and you would think that same logic applies even more so for a sibling from a different species.

Not so for big brother Bubba and his little adopted baby cat sister, Rue. This lovable Pit Bull is just a big ‘ol softie and is a very protective older brother, setting a good example for all types of older brothers out there. It’s just pure love for this perfectly caramel matching, adorable twosome.


Bubba was adopted from a shelter six years ago in Phoenix, Arizona by his momma Rebecca when he was 3 months old. Bubba’s mom tells BarkPost that ever since he was a baby, he’s had a sweet affection for cats. Mom surprised him this past year after the family moved to NYC with cutie pie Rue, who she rescued from a shelter in Brooklyn.


Rebecca tells us that it was a complete coincidence that Bubba and Rue have identical coloring, but that wasn’t the only thing she loved.

“Rue stood out like no other and I took her home as fast as I could,” she said. “The fact that Bubba and Rue have identical coloring still blows my mind. How did I get so lucky!?”


As soon as she brought Rue home, Bubba was overjoyed and knew how delicate baby Rue was, and in the first few hours of them adjusting to each other, Rue had no problem climbing on Bubba as he slept, even falling asleep on top of him. Mom Rebecca adds:

“They instantly connected and are now inseparable…I think Rue thinks Bubba is her mom and Bubba loves it!”

Bubba really takes her role as ‘doggy-mom’ seriously, and loves to bathe and snuggle with Rue so she’s comfortable. Is there seriously a cuter sibling duo out there?


Here are some more lovable photos of their first few months together:




Written by: Taryn Brooke

April 20, 2016