This ‘Point Break’ Reboot Starring Adoptable Puppies Is Sheer Genius

In honor of the Point Break reboot hitting theaters this Christmas, Refinery29 teamed up with North Shore Animal League and made ther version of the cult classic. In the trailer, while Édgar Ramírez and Luke Bracey look very swoon-worthy reprising the roles Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze made famous in 1991, but we think Refinery29's casting choices are even cuter...

Watch These Dogs Who Need Homes Re-Create "Point Break"

On Christmas Day, the 1991 classic Point Break will get its reboot. Except the new version threw us off as soon as we saw the trailer. Bodhi isn't a shaggy-haired, sun-kissed Patrick Swayze type. Instead, the character has been cast to look more like Johnny Utah.

"I spent weeks looking for a dog that looks like Gary Busey..." Welcome to our world, Refinery29's fantastic.
Featured image and H/t via Refinery29

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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