11 Naughty Pomeranians Who Are Totally Proud Of Their Shenanigans

Of all the dogs, of all the shame, we never though that Pomeranians would make us blush! But boy are they shameful. Meet 11 pups who are about to shatter the myth of the proper Pom. Want your DogShaming live? Camio will let you peek at your pups by turning any tablet, computer, or smartphone into a home monitoring camera. 1. "I just thought you finally got me the litter box I asked for!" #TheCatHasOne shame4 2. "Because the chef's special was mud pies. That's why." shame1 3. "How come Mom gives the rabbit these weird bones?" #SoGladImADog a.pompom 4. "Yeah, that's my spot alright!" shame5 5. "What dream? This is a reality baby!" shame6 6. Normally, we try not to judge, but... #WaterSports shame7 7. "I thought I hid my bone in the bottom of the trashcan. I was wrong." SHAME_FT 8. We don't judge your ruv, pup. But... you can totally do better. shame3 9. Wow. Who knew poms were so kinky? shame10 10. "You might have loved it for ten years, but it's been staring at me for the last five, and I just couldn't take it anymore!" shame11 11. "Don't worry. I only chew the ones that DON'T have holes in them yet. You're welcome." shame12

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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