The Surprisingly Pro-Science Message Of Scooby Doo, Conveniently Brought To You On 4/20

About a year ago, the site io9 published a story titled “Scooby-Doo Actually Had A Pretty Pro-Science Message.”


Since Scooby Doo is a dog, and BarkPost Discover is all about that science, I figured today was a pretty good time to bring io9’s point to a wider audience.


Well, not quite like that. (Such a bad movie…)

The author of the post, Ria Misra, asked the question:

Scooby-Doo had plenty to teach us about meddling kids, hijinks, and the virtues of DIY van repair. But was there also a little something in there about the scientific method?”

And one brilliant reader responded in the comments, so Ria shared the answer that really summed up how Scooby Doo was about more than just Scooby Snacks:

The show actually taught a pretty good lesson to kids: The things that go bump in the night aren’t supernatural bull[poop]*, but people with agendas who can be exposed via the thorough gathering of evidence and/or hijinks. Their are no ghosts and no monsters, just the application of science, technology and logic.”

Good point, reader! Scooby Doo is clearly about so much more than appears on its surface.


But I guess the real joy of Scooby Doo is that everybody knows it’s really about something else.




*Edited to be appropriate for BarkPost readers.

Featured image via io9

Brandon Rhoads

6 years ago