Pug Runs Puppy Version Of Boston Marathon For Charity

While her hooman trained for the Boston Marathon, Alice the Pug conditioned for her own marathon. During her training, she accepted donations for non-profit organization Pug Rescue of New England. pug-in-shoes As Julia McGovern trained for her second Boston Marathon, she thought it would be fun to get her dog involved. She set up a DreamFund page with a $2,000 fundraising goal, and Alice quickly surpassed that. boston-marathon-pug "While I was training for the (Boston) Marathon, I also was fundraising for House of Possibilities," McGovern says. "After we reached our goal, it was just really inspiring, so I thought since Alice has a really fun little community on her Instagram page with all the crazy pug people like me, this could be an interesting and fun opportunity to tap into that and raise money for a good cause." "Now for anyone who knows me or knows about the body type of a pug (short legs, squished face, rolls like the Pillsbury Doughboy), you know that running 26.2 miles is a simply ludicrous thought," Alice's fundraising page says. "That’s why I’ve set a much more reasonable goal for myself; I’ll be running a .262 mile marathon." pug-medal If you're wondering how Alice feels after seeing her hooman run the Boston Marathon, and then running her own race, her Instagram page spells it out. Big Al says "Boston Marathon had me like..." pug-sleeping

All images via @bigal_in_la

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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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