Penny The Miracle Pup Celebrates A Birthday No One Thought She Would Live To See

Exactly one year ago today, a very special puppy came into the world. Born to an inexperienced mother bred too soon, Penny was the only pup in her litter of five to make it to four days old. Candice, a devoted rescue and foster pawrent,  knew that Penny's odds of survival were slim (especially after her one remaining brother passed away on the drive home) but she was determined to try. Penny

Penny's first birthday is Friday! This was after our first night together, when she was just 4 days old and I still wasn...

Posted by Roofus & Kilo on Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Slowly the little, wrinkly pup grew bigger and stronger. She went from a tiny wretch cradled in Candice's palm, to a bouncing little brute romping with the rest of the pack and delivering epic belches for Candice's social media followers!

#tbt Volume up. Ever burped a puppy? Since I had gotten P at 3 days old I had to not only bottle feed her, but burp her,...

Posted by Roofus & Kilo on Thursday, March 10, 2016
Finally, all that hard work and devotion has paid off. Penny is a year old and as hearty as can be!

Sweet P day 366: Happy birthday to our princess Penny! As soft, rolly, velvety, kissy, human, loving, cuddly, silly, and...

Posted by Roofus & Kilo on Friday, March 11, 2016

YOU GET ALL DA COOKIES BECAUSE YOUR FACE 󾌤󾌧󾌧 Please excuse my horrible birthday/cookie song. I think P likes it at least 󾌴󾍖#happybirthdayP

Posted by Roofus & Kilo on Friday, March 11, 2016
Candice certainly isn't ready to hang up her foster hat, though. She has devoted her life to caring for dogs in desperate need of rescue. Her family of four humans, six rescue dogs, five chickens, one tortoise, and a crew of foster pups recently left California for a tract of land in Eugene, Oregon. The goal is to transform the 12-acre ranch into a rescue and rehab facility for dogs - a lifelong dream Candice is making a reality. [bp_related_article] To raise money for the ranch, Candice sells adorable calendars featuring Penny (aka Sweet P) growing, playing and snoozing her way into the gorgeous one-year-old she is today!

Featured Image via Roofus & Kilo/Faceboook

Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago

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