Smart Pup Performs Heimlich Maneuver To Save Choking Owner

Alan Spencer was enjoying dinner at home with his two labs when he started to choke on a pickled onion. Attempts to clear his airway failed, so he tried to make it to his door in hopes a passerby would be able to help. Unfortunately, Spencer collapsed in the hallway. He says the dogs were getting agitated knowing he was in trouble. When he fell to the floor, his dog Nancy was jumping on his legs, while Lexi licked his face. When that didn't help, Lexi miraculously knew just want to do. She jumped with all fours onto the center of Spencer's back. The piece of food shot out of his mouth and he could breathe. lab-with-owner2 "People will say they are only animals and they don't know what they were doing, but Lexi is so clever," he says. "She is very canny. She saved my life most definitely. If it wasn't for her, I honestly don't think I would be here." Spencer's friends call Lexi "the little hero," and Spencer says both dogs are being spoiled with treats. His back and throat hurt for a few days, but Spencer and the dogs' lives are now back to normal... well, mostly. "Every time I even make a slight cough now Lexi turns her head quickly," Spencer says. What a good girl!

Featured image via The Telegraph

H/t The Telegraph

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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