PUPDATE: Afghanistan Veteran Working To Leave No Dog Behind Named CNN’s Hero of 2014

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

November 21, 2014

Last week we shared the story of Pen Farthing, an Afghanistan veteran who formed an animal rescue to reunite soldiers who served overseas with the dogs they befriended while deployed.

We are happy to report that he has been named CNN’s Hero of the Year!

Image via BNVA Congress

Weeks ago, in recognition of Farthing’s efforts to rescue dogs from the most war torn regions of Afghanistan, CNN included Farthing among the Top Ten Heroes of 2014. Among the other heroes were a number of selfless individuals working their tails off to better all of humanity. But Farthing came out on top at Tuesday’s Hero of the Year ceremony!

Image via CNN Press Room

We’d like to think that CNN’s selection of Farthing as Hero of the Year acknowledges how central dogs are to our identity as humans, and that better lives for dogs mean better lives for people.

Image via Nowzad

You can read more about Pen Farthing’s Kabul-based rescue Nowzad here at BarkPost.

Enjoy his victory video below:

Featured image via CNN Press Room and Nowzad


Written by: Brandon Rhoads

November 21, 2014