Pupdate: Olympians Who Have Helped Sochi Pups Find Homes So Far

Team USA, we couldn't be more proud! We were overjoyed when we learned skier Gus Kenworthy had plans to adopt a family of Sochi strays, but now we're pawsitively ecstatic that pups have found homes with at least two other Olympians! Our offer still stands: help us get the word out to these athletes with new pack members that there is a LIFETIME SUPPLY of BarkBoxes with their names on it!

Looks like Rosa is adjusting to her new role as Gus' snuggle buddy!

  Hockey player David Backes snuggling on some pups with Kevin Shattenkirk. David and his wife, Kelly, are hard at work finding homes for pups through the pawsome organization the created, Athletes For Animals.


Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis has got a fever, and the only cure is more puppy!

  So, pup ruvers, take to Twitter, Facebook and carrier pigeon* to let these athletes know we want to give 'em their BarkBoxes as a thank you for bringing awareness to the joys of adopting a shelter pup - a truly international issue! And remember, if you're looking for a furever friend Stateside, there are plenty of pups looking for a good home in a shelter near you! * Just kidding, seriously, don't do that.

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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