BarkPost Exclusive Pupdate on Sochi Strays Coming Home

Written by: Laura Hartle

February 24, 2014

We are always excited when a pup finds a furever home, but we are especially pleased to pupdate you on the status of the Sochi strays who are making their way to the U.S.!

Amanda Bird’s New Pup:

U.S. bobsled and skeleton press officer, Amanda Bird has had a lot of helping paws bringing her sweet pup, Sochi, back to the States.


Bird told The BarkPost, “I just can’t get over how kind and selfless everyone has been throughout this process! Sochi is actually in L.A. right now thanks to [E! News producer Marcus Mulick] who volunteered to fly him back to the States… Marcus is definitely a hero!”

Bird is pleased to know that as she starts her long flight tonight that Sochi (the pup) has been in good paws since his arrival in L.A.

Katherine Heigl was there to meet the Sochi pups that Ali Fedotowsky, Olympic Correspondent for E! News, brought back for her.

Heigl said of Bird’s pup, “Sochi hasn’t eaten in 15 hours and is throwing up so we are hoping that it’s just from the travel.”



“Sochi is getting medical attention with a great vet in L.A., and my husband and I are waiting to get word that he’s good to go so we can book our flights to L.A. and we can finally bring him home,” Bird told The BarkPost.


Bird in Russia with her pup! Source
BarkBox is pleased to say that Sochi will receive a lifetime of monthly BarkBoxes (in addition to being showered with love in his new furever home). Be sure to continue tweeting at these athletes so we can get their pups swimmin’ in toys and treats! <3

David Backes’ Pups:

Hockey players Davide Backes and his wife, Kelly, helped two street pups make their way to the US.

As of this morning, both pups had arrived in St. Louis where they will be transported to Five Acres Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter in St. Charles, Missouri.

They’ll be in confinement for 30 days to monitor their health, but after that, they are ready to be adopted! backes



Lindsay Jacobellis’ New Pup:

Snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis is the proud new snuggle buddy to her new pup, also named Sochi. <3

And of course, Gus Kenworthy’s Litter:

Gus Kenworthy already has plans for his family of strays. reports:

“They just have to wait 10 days to 20 days until they are ready,” he told “Once they’re ready to travel over, they will come over and meet me. I am definitely looking forward to that.” Kenworthy will keep two puppies that he has named Rosa and Gorki for himself. Another one will go to his brother and his fiance, and the mother of the litter will be taken in by Kenworthy’s mom. 


High paws for bringing awareness to the international issue of adoption + shelter pups! Dog people are the absolute best.


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Written by: Laura Hartle

February 24, 2014

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