How Do Firefighters Help Burn-victim Puppies? With A Hot Fireman Calendar Of Course

The firefighters of Spring Hill, TN have recently posed for a photo shoot with a trio of pups who were injured in a fire. The pictures will be used to create a firefighter calendar to raise money for the pups’ treatment.

Image via NY Daily News

The pups, named Yahto, Mavi, and Indeever have earned the nickname “The Blues Brothers” because of the brilliant blue hue of their puppy dog eyes. Each of their names also translate into “blue.”

Image via NY Daily News

The pups were rescued by the Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue, who already raised $19,000 for their intitial treatment. The money raised by the calendar should raise enough money to see the puppies into a healthy adulthood.

Image via NY Daily News

You can learn (and see!) more of the pawecious pups in the video below and preorder your own calendar from Snooty Giggles today.

h/t to NY Daily News

Featured image via NY Daily News


Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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