Cutie-Pie Puppies Shake Their Little Faces In Glorious Photo Series

Doge mastermind Carli Davidson is back and our tails haven’t stopped wagging!

The Oregon-based photographer first captivated us with SHAKE, a collection of photographs that feature damp dogs working hard to shake off those pesky water droplets. Now she’s back, sharing more fur flying images in her latest book SHAKE PUPPIES!

Check them out but be warned, there’s simply no way to pawpare for this cute overload.

Annie: 7-week-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

shake 1

Rise and shine mutherpuppers!

shake 2

Cloud: 8-week-old Shar Pei

shake 8

Just shaking out some kinks.

shake 7

Meatball: 10-week-old Pit Bull

shake 12

Woooah… did someone spike the kibble in the bark room?

Shake 11

Koda: 20-week-old Pomeranian

shake 3

My wet fur brings all the dogs to the yard!

shake 4

Vincent: 8-week-old Dachshund

shake 15

Flip of an ear and this photo will be pawfect!

shake 14

Hans: 12-week-old Boxer Pit Mix

shake 5

Wait, let me give you my camera face!

shake 6

Jose: 12-week-old Boxer

shake 9

Oooh yea.

Shake 10

Still drooling for more? Check out SHAKE PUPPIES to order the complete collection of puppy portraits! Ooh and this adorable video!

h/t Huffington Post, Time

All images via Carli Davidson


Melina Giakas

8 years ago