Mama Dog Happily Reunited With Discarded Puppies Rescued From Trash

Written by: Stephanie Valente

September 17, 2015

It’s is nearly unfathomable to imagine how a cruel person could throw puppies away in the trash. Discarded as if they were nothing, these pups were left to die.

2 pups


Luckily, Tampa police came to the rescue. After an neighbor’s call, officers discovered a teeny, nearly newborn pup in the trash. Scared, the mama dog was on the trash bin frantically trying to get at her baby.

1 officer

Soon, other pups were discovered under a nearby shed. The image of horror and cruelty is hard to take. Why would these pups be thrown out as if they were worthless?

3 mama dog

Bay News 9 reports: “”We don’t know if she was successful in getting the other three out of the can and under the shed, but she sure was trying to get that last one out,” Tampa police spokesperson Andrea Davis said.”

4 mama dog

The investigation is still ongoing, but Fox 46 says the police have narrowed down a person of interest.

5 mama and pups

Now, mama and her pups are resting safely at Hillsborough County Animal Services and they will be placed for adoption when they are ready and healthy.

8 sleeping tiny pups

We hope all of these darlings find loving, happy homes that treat them with the utmost care! Stay tuned for pupdates.

Featured image and H/t via Bay News 9

Written by: Stephanie Valente

September 17, 2015