15 Magical Moments Every Pup Parent Wishes They Got On Film

In this glorious YouTube video, vlogger Ryen Yung documents 365 days with his new Corgi puppy, The Great Gatsby. From tiny tyke to rump-shakin' adult, puberty did this pup all the favors. We'll start the story here. gatsbysleeping2 1. Not even a week in and he already made a makeshift water bed. This dog is brilliant. gatsbywater2 2. When you're not entirely comfortable with the concept of grass yet but you go for it anyway. gatsbygrass2 3. Your first set of stairs. gatsbystairs2 4. When you think you're having a private moment with your new brontosaurus toy & then you realize you're being recorded. gatsbyonback2 5. When you discover your bed is actually a Roomba. gatsbyunderbed2 6. When the jingling of your new collar startles you so much you end up learning the moonwalk. gatsbymoonwalk2 7. The first time you realize celery is way more exciting in theory than it is in reality. gatsbycelery2 8. GRADUATION DAY!!! gatsbygraduation2 9. When you make your first snow cone. Peeing on new things is so exciting. gatsbysnowcone2 10. When you become an actual cone... gatsbyconebed 11. ... and you try to stay positive and keep playing but then your toy gets stuck to the cone & it's all just a mess. gatsbyconeball 12. That moment that you realize your balls are gone forever. gatsbyballs2 13. But then you get your first massage and you forget all about them. gatsbymassage2 14. When you finally understand the true meaning of "The sun never sets on a badass." gatsbyglasses2 15. When you see yourself next to a picture of you from a year ago & you realize you're a grown ass man. gatsbygrown2 Make sure you check out the rest of Gatsby's story in the video below!
H/t Great Gatsby the Corgi

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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