17 Dogs Who Want To Take You To Puppy Prom 2015

Aaaah to be 16 and excited about prom again. I've personally never had a chance to go to prom so I'm not really sure what it's like. But, that's all about to change! Pawsenting BarkPost's First Annual Puppy Prom hosted by dog-lovin' fashion designer, Rachel Antonoff and her pup, Lafitte! Feel free to bring a date (your pup) or come stag and go steady with an adoptable cutie from Animal Haven. Dress to the 9's - or 63's if you're a pup! - and join us for dancing, boozin', ridiculous prom photos, a puppy prom court, and more as we have a blast raising money for Animal Haven. My date for the evening? This handsome mutherpupper right here: 10852849_735678663174066_1861888915_n Here are 14 other dogs who are ready to sweep you off your paws this prom: 1. "I have a dream, a dapper dream that one day you'd let me take you to prom." tofu-600x600 2. "I give you my heart, will you give me yours?" itslolathepug-600x600 3. "Flowers for me lady." lifewithzeca - 1 4. "So ready to dance to Bruno Mars, all night long." roky_boston_t-600x600 5. "I pwomise to make your prom the best one you've ever been to." dapper-Corgi-prom-proosal 6. "I guess I’d let you go to the prom with me. I guess. If you want." scoobythemixpittie-600x600 7. "I know you have a date already, but can I tag along?" homerpugalicious-600x600 8. "I’m going stag this year.” #Surprise" 9. "Look. If you don’t let me take you to the prom I’ll have to go with my Mom." armani.spitz_ 10. "You DO wanna go to prom with me?! Alright! Now I just need to rent a tux…" perrin_americaneskimo-600x600 11. "This will be my first prom. Should I buy you flowers?" maya_on_the_move-600x600 12. "I get the feeling my date isn’t really interested in going with me…" 11377611_1845364675687958_1424591149_n 13. "It would be my pawleasure to be your date tonight." puppy love 14. "Am I wearing my corsage right?" daisy-pit-bull 15. "I went all out for tonight's pecial pawcassion." image4 16. "I'm bringing dapper back, yeaaaaaaah." IMG_0003 17. "I cleaned up, put on a tux and bought you flowers. You're the only person I'd ever make this much of an effort for." image1 When: THURSDAY JUNE 11 7:00PM - 9:00PM Where: 26 BRIDGE STREET BROOKLYN, NY 11201 Did we mention there are wag-nificent raffle prizes like a Rachel Antonoff dress, tickets to a Bleachers show, a tour of BarkBox HQ with a photoshoot to be featured on BarkShop and BarkBox Instagram, and more!?! Be there or be square! Fetch your ticket here!
Featured image via @Perrin_AmericanEskimo

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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