Sisters Honor Their Dog By Recreating Favorite Childhood Photo On His Last Day

Written by: Ally Nesmith

February 16, 2016

There is no pain quite like that which comes with the passing of a pet, especially if you happened to have grown up alongside your furry best friend almost as siblings. You are so used to them being there for everything and it feels as though your pack will forever be incomplete without them.

The Dobble sisters had to endure this pain just last week when their beloved sixteen-year-old Jack Russell, Tigger had to be put down due to health problems. Louise Dobble told BuzzFeed, “it was an extremely hard decision to make, but we knew it was best for him to do so. He had a great life…we knew he was tired and we all knew it was time for us to lay his gentle precious soul to rest.”


On his last day, he got to go run around and play at the dog park. Always Mr. Friendly, Tigger even got to meet another 15-year-old senior dog on his last romp around.

But before they could say their final goodbye, Louise, Elizabeth, Samantha, and Lauren Dobble of Adelaide, Australia, all got together to reminisce about some of their favorite memories with Tigger. “There are thousands of stories and memories we now cherish of Tigger, and moments that will make us smile for the rest of our lives,” Louise says. While they were waiting for the vet to arrive to attend to Tigger, they came across the first photo which they hadn’t seen in years.


That was when Samantha got the idea for the sisters to recreate the photo with Tigger, one for the day they brought him home, and one for the day they said goodbye. They immediately started rummaging in closets for the perfect outfits to most accurately recreate the photo.


Although they took another photo just moments later, with everyone standing and smiling traditionally, they felt “the silly one was a better interpretation of Tigger’s life with us, and better showed the happiness he brought to our lives and us.”

Tigger said his final goodbye on his bed, being held by the sisters and surrounded by family in the home they had all built together. He was laid to rest in the front yard where they all played together for so many years. Dobble says, “it was the perfect sendoff for our king.”

All Images via The Dobble Family

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Written by: Ally Nesmith

February 16, 2016