22 Times You Took Dog Lover To The Next Level

It's not that your dog is MORE important than your best friend. It's just that your dog IS your best friend. 1. Whenever you bathe your dog in the sink. sink bath 2 updated 2. That time your dog took over the bed. FullSizeRender (3) updated 3. When you try and kiss your significant other after kissing your pup.  puppy kisses updated 4. That time you took a picture lying in your dog’s crate. (We all wonder if we would fit. It’s not really that weird…) cage updated 5. When you start to talk about that funny thing your dog did for just a litttttle too long. not funny updated 6. When you explain the meaning of your dog’s name. FullSizeRender (6) updated 7. When you ask the waiter to bring home the leftovers for your dog. left over updated 8. When you let your dog have a lick of your ice cream (vanilla of course).  ice cream updated 9. When your Instagram has more pictures of your dog than yourself. FullSizeRender (2) updated 10. When your dog asked to be their Facebook friend. tuna facebook updated 11. When you let your dog lick your face excessively. dog licks updated 12. When your dog rides shotgun and your friends are in the backseat.
13. Spending more time saying hello to your dog than your family.  Dog greeting 14. When you had more dog treats in your bag than mints. dog treats updated 15. When you compare dogs on TV to your own: “Isn’t Molly soooo much cuter?” air bud image updated 16. Talking to your dog as if it's a child (baby voice included).  child talking updated 17. When you talk about your dog’s dog park S.O. like they have this intense, MTV reality show relationship. FullSizeRender (4) updated 18. When you start to bark.
19. The general fact that you pick up dog poop. dog poop updated 20. That time you tasted dog food. FullSizeRender (5) updated 21. Each winter when your dog is the star of your holiday card. christmas 2 updated  22. The endless rant as to why dogs are better than cats (Dogs rule. Cats drool. It’s really that simple.) ;) awkward cat updated  
Featured Image via @laeiregata

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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