Rescue Dog Helps Young Boy Overcome Insurmountable Obstacles

CAUTION: THIS STORY WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO HUG STRANGERS. I...just...don' about that I was so heartwarmed by this incredible video that I temporarily forgot how to formulate a sentence. Let's just start at the beginning. Haachi, an Anatolian Shepard was barely a year old when he was intentionally tied to a railway line in North London and hit by a train, losing his leg and his tail. haachi He was rescued by the RSPCA and adopted by 8 year-old Owen Hawkins, a young boy who has a rare genetic disorder called Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, a condition which causes his muscles to constantly seize involuntarily. Little did they know, they would both rescue each other. haatchi2 Before Haatchi, Owen had severe agoraphobia and could barely go outside. He didn't like the way it felt when strangers stared at him, so he isolated himself. But the day Haatchi came into his life, everything changed forever. As he says in the video, "If Haatchi's out there, I will go out there." This might be one of the best examples of gratitude I have ever seen. Neither Haatchi or Owen have been given a fair hand in life, which is a serious understatement. But they are able to look beyond their pain and suffering and find happiness in what they do have, each other. haatchi3 Prepare for the feels people. Cause they're comin.
Featured image via Reshareworthy

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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