Rescue PupUp Adoption Events. We Need More Of Them.

Written by: Melina Giakas

November 18, 2015

When I was a kid, my Dad’s number one rule for getting a dog was “you can have one when you’re old enough to clean up after it.” Like most kids I begged and begged until my Mom finally caved, getting us our first family dog (earlier than my Dad would’ve liked). As predicated my parents got stuck cleaning up most of the mess while my siblings and I fought over who would play with Molly first.

pupup pup 11

Most families seem to find themselves in a similar situation – debating about whether or not to get a puppy, and dreading the mess that typically comes along with it. Luckily for families across the US and Canada, Swiffer believes cleaning concerns should never be a hurdle in bringing home a family’s first pet.

swiffer pupup6

Which is why Swiffer teamed up with BarkBox to gather dogs from local NY rescues for a PupUp adoption event! After hearing about the event at the office I decided to stop by to meet some of the pups. Looking back it might not have been the best idea since I’m still trying to work out a way I can sneak them all back into my teeny tiny apartment. 😉

pupup pup 10

The first pup I met when I walked in was Luna. Luna is a 7-month-old Pointer Terrier mix who A.) smiled for a photo and B.) melted my heart by looking like the long lost sister of my dog Levi.

swiffer pupup4

Then there was Sally. She was so friendly and excited to play with anyone who would stop by to say hello.

swiffer pupup3

Dilbert & Dolly are a mother and son duo that are up for adoption as a pair. Once you meet them, there’s no way you’d want to leave either one behind.

swiffer pupup 1

Besides playing with the adorable dogs, I was able to see a few go home with their new owners! Below is Daysi with her new family and Welcome Home Kit filled with BarkBox toys and treats, and Swiffer cleaning products.

swiffer pupup 8

And some even managed to hop in a photo with the talented (and DREAMY) actor Scott Foley, who is helping BarkBox and Swiffer in our mission to help ease the transition of adopting a four-legged family member this holiday!

swiffer pupup5

For each dog who found their fur-ever home, Swiffer matched the adoption fee to support future rescue efforts. They also donated $100 to the rescue groups for each dog who did not find a home that day.

swifferpup 7

Interested in bringing home a pup of your own? Check out  Foster Dogs NYC for more info on adoptable dogs.

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Written by: Melina Giakas

November 18, 2015

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