UPDATE: Boston Dynamics’ Dog Bots Are Getting So Creepy It’s Almost Cute

***UPDATE: 6/24/2016*** Okay, so... These dog robots are definitely happening, despite the fact the US military is concerned that their soldiers won't bond with these machines, despite that they're just not as good as dogs, and despite the fact that I've been complaining for months. Perhaps this wouldn't freak me out so much if they just stopped referring to them as "dogs." Either way, enjoy the lastest installment of the uncanny valley of the dogs. Woof! [bp_related_article] ***Original Story*** If Boston Dynamics wasn't the real inspiration behind Fallout 4 (which is set in Boston, btw), at the very least they've inspired most dog lovers to hug their pups a little tighter. fallout Boston Dynamics is probably best known for their creepy "mule" robot that is often compared to dog but clearly falls short. boston2 Even the gritty, apocalyptic Fallout 4 gives you a real-dog companion. fallout4 As impressive as Boston Dynamic's state of the art robots are, you have to admit there's something a bit disconcerting about life-sized, metallic humanoids walking off an assembly line. boston At least REAL dogs aren't being fooled! You'll have to wait another day, Robocalypse!
H/t to The Guardian

Brandon Rhoads

6 years ago

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