Sauer’s Happy Ending

This is a story about Sauer, a pup in Atlantic Beach, Florida. cute rescue puppy Today Sauer is a happy, healthy, and much-loved pup, but he hasn't had the easiest life. cute rescue puppy When Sauer was a tiny puppy, he was thrown out of the window of a car on the highway. cute rescue puppy cute rescue puppy Luckily, Sauer was saved by a wonderful woman named Melanie who scooped him up and took him straight to the vet. cute rescue puppy Sauer had a tiny fractured hip, but he was okay. (Thank goodness.) After some puppy shots and a little recovery...


And there was so much ruv. cute rescue puppy At first Sauer was a little shy... cute rescue puppy But he came around. ♥♥♥ (And he's growing!) cute rescue puppy One day Sauer went to the beach for the first time ever. cute rescue puppy There was lots of playing... cute rescue puppy Some sniffin'... cute rescue puppy

Some more sniffin'...

cute rescue puppy Some diggin'...

cute rescue puppy

And some general contentedness about life, treats, and ruv. ♥♥♥

cute rescue puppy If you've got an amazing story about your pup and you'd like to have it featured on The BarkPost, just send it along to [email protected] Much ruv. ♥♥♥ A HUGE thanks to April Chobert who took the time to gather Sauer's photos and chat with us to tell his story. :)

Hope Bobbitt

9 years ago

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