6 Ways Your Senior Dog Is Still A Puppy At Heart

Written by: Ally Nesmith

March 16, 2016

My MinPin Oona celebrated her 11th birthday last month. Well on her way into seniordom with fur that turned grey years ago, most people who encounter her have no idea she’s old at all. In fact, we still get lots of “Aww, look at the puppy!” and our fair share of “She’s gonna be so BIG!” from strangers on the street. She’s also been deemed the “Helen Mirren of the office” here at BarkPost. So. Yeah.


Spritely and spry with sass to spare, Oona is an inspiration to us all. She beats me up the stairs every single time and never even breaks a pant. I only pray that I’m half as fit and full of life when I’m her age. I’m pretty sure she has an 8-pack.

oona fit

Even if your senior dog isn’t blessed with Oona’s apparent Benjamin Buttonitis, they are still a puppy at heart in more ways than you know.

1. Alarm System

No matter how old your dog gets, their drive to patrol and protect your house (read: their kingdom) rarely fades away. Hearing a knock, a doorbell, or any sounds of a potential intruder will likely still send them into a burst of ferocious/excited energy as they scurry over to see who’s at the door.


2. New Leash On Life

For many dogs all it takes is a nice, brisk walk to get them feeling like a pup all over again. Anytime I put a leash on Oona she gets so psyched it seems more like I just funneled a gallon of Red Bull down her gullet. She becomes a blur.


3. They Have Ailments Only You Can Cure

Remember when you were a kid out in the yard, y’know, doing kid stuff and you would fall and scrape your elbow (or knee or dignity), and you would run screaming into the loving, waiting arms of your mom and dad? Similarly, whenever anything is bothering your dog, chances are all they really want are belly rubs and kisses from you to make it all better.


4. They’re Never Too Old For Playtime

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing the eyes of a senior dog light up upon receiving a new toy or type of treat. It’s like a kid on Christmas morning and suddenly their hips don’t hurt and their hearing doesn’t bother them, all they care about is the brand spanking new sensation in their paws.


5. Welcoming Committee

They may nap the day away while you’re gone, but chances are your senior pup makes every effort to greet you with gusto at the door. Seeing Oona’s sweet, salt-and-pepper face first thing when I get home is the best welcome I could ever ask for.


6. They Need You

Just like any human child, your dog relies on you to provide food and shelter. Even if their age surpasses yours, they’ll never outgrow or stop needing you to take care of them. They will always, always be your baby.


Featured Image via Ally Nesmith / Instagram

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Written by: Ally Nesmith

March 16, 2016

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