Update: Unforgivable Human Leaves Dog At Train Station With Nothing But A Suitcase

Updated 1/7/15

BBC News reports that the Animal Shelter looking after him has been inundated with offers to adopt Kai. Watch Kai bounding around happily at the rehoming center (video has no sound):

Scottish SPCA Senior Animal Care Assistant, Alan Grant spoke to the Daily Mail about the incident as well. Watch below:

Original Story

A Shar Pei was found tied to a railing outside the Ayr railway station in Scotland, on Friday evening. The pup was left with a lone suitcase filled with his belongings, including a pillow, toy, food bowl and some food. While this may seem like the beginning of a movie with a happy ending, it’s far from it.

The Scottish SPCA posted this flyer to their Facebook page, making a plea to the public to come forward with any information as to who left the poor pup.

Image via Scottish SPCA Facebook
Image via Scottish SPCA Facebook

Under the Scottish Animal Health and Welfare Act (2006) it is considered a crime to abandon an animal, falling under the province of animal cruelty. Anyone found guilty of the crime can be banned from keeping animals for anywhere from a fixed period of time, to life.

Scottish SPCA Inspector, Stewart Taylor said:

“The 2-3 year old shar-pei cross is microchipped and we were able to find out his name is Kai. We contacted the owner registered to the microchip, who stated they had sold him on *Gumtree in 2013. Unfortunately they could not tell us the address of the person who bought him.”

*Gumtree is the UK equivalent of Craigslist.

Taylor further stated that Kai will be cared for by the SPCA until they are able to find him a stable, loving, furever home.

After bouncing around so much and being abandoned, we just hope that Kai gets a shot at his happily ever after!

We urge our readers to reach out to local shelters and animal organizations for help in such situations!



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