17 Dramatic Shelter Dog Transformations That Prove All Dogs Are Truly Beautiful

Shelter dogs across the U.S. come from various backgrounds. Most of them likely come with rough pasts, where they were either abandoned, or abused, or have just lived their entire lives as strays never truly knowing real love. For these shelter pups, a decent groom is the difference between finding a loving home and life in a shelter. So, the people over at The Animal Rescue Site, Wahl,, and One Picture Saves a Life started the Dirty Dogs Contest to prove that these tail-waggers don't deserve to be judged by their covers! Take a look at some amazing transformations below... (Fair warning you might want to stock up on kleenex.) 1. Toby Toby-before-after-1077x627 2. Bugle BugleBoy-before-after 3. Sparky Sparky-before-after-931x627 4. Barry barry-before-after 5. Cass Cass 6. Bakka Bakka 7. Amber Amber 8. Macy Macy 9. Tiny Tiny 10. M.J. M.J. 11. Oscar II Oscar II 12. Tinker Tinker 13. Harris Harris 14. Foxy Foxy 15. Gabi Gabi 16. Treasure Treasure 17. Fluffington Fluffington Head on over to One Picture Saves to check out these pups stories! If you'd like to adopt a diamond in the ruff, hop on over to BarkBuddy, there are tons of nuggets waiting for a forever home!

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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