Shiba’s Identity Crisis Will Make You Want To Call An Exorcist

In my opinion, Shiba Inus are the best dogs in the universe.

I have to say that, or my dog will smack me in the face with his paw because Shibas are really freaking bossy.

As amazing as they are, Shibas do suffer from identity crises. Sometimes they think they are humans, sometimes they think they are wolves, other times they think they are foxes – or even cats. This Shiba though…. well, this Shiba thinks he’s Satan. As if Shibas weren’t intimidating enough, now they’re the devil incarnate. Great. Just great.

Please note that this Sheeb is totally happy and healthy in the video. He’s just super smart and learned a really cool trick. He’s not actually the devil…. we hope.


Regina Lizik

6 years ago

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