Hooman Doofus Wears Dog Shock Collar To Curb German Soccer Rage


***This video features drinking, swearing, and the inappropriate use of a dog shock collar on a human. BarkPost in no way shape or form advocates the use of shock collars as recreational devices. To be honest, we’re not fond of their use on dogs. The only reason we’re showing you this video is because it’s funny. Really funny. Not because it’s a good idea. In other words, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.***

Okay, so this video—if you hadn’t guessed from the HUGE MOTHERPUPPIN’ DISCLAIMER—is a tad unorthodox. It features a few German fellows whose YouTube channel has made something of a name for itself. Both of these gentlemen are “football” enthusiasts (yes, they just mean soccer) and one of them tends to get a little carried away when he plays.

His solution? Wear an electric shock collar to dissuade him of his rage. Enjoy.

H/t to Kotaku

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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