9 Signs Your Dog Is Actually A Human In Disguise

Written by: Nicole Zalat

April 22, 2015

I’ll never forget the time my dog Lady gave me side eye so stanky that I felt judged to my very core. We were hanging out on the couch as usual, when I committed a sin so grave that I’m still ashamed of it to this day–I asked my dog to take a selfie with me. This was the result:


Like a human best friend, Lady expressed her disappointment in me with just one look. I have not taken a selfie with her since.

I’m not saying you should treat your dog like a human, but there are many ways in which dogs seem more human than we give them credit for. Ways like…

1. Keepin’ up with the Joneses.

Dogs might not be interested in how green the neighbors’ lawns are or how many cars they’ve got sitting in the garage, but they are avid consumers of things. Fine, so your pup can’t go to the store and buy his own stuff, but dogs rarely pass up the opportunity to acquire more items for their little hoarder’s stash.

2. Some act like little angels, while others are total buttfaces.


Here at the BarkPost office, we have dogs who would never dream of getting into trouble, and then we have those who are constantly testing our love patience with their shenanigans. We love them all equally, but we know who to keep away from the sandwiches!

3. Understanding human emotions and responding accordingly.

pug head tilt

Studies have shown that our dogs do have a sense of how we’re feeling. You’re not imagining things: when your dog places a compassionate paw on your knee at the end of The Notebook it’s because she knows you’re sad.

4. Thinking the grass is greener on the other side.


We humans have a tendency to want what we don’t have, which leads to some of us looking for a way out of our ordinary lives. And that’s basically what a dog does when he begs to be let out and immediately asks to come back into the house.

5. They’re not immune to the green-eyed monster.

dog jealousy

Some dogs are cool with you petting other pups, but some will make you rue the day you decided to stop by the neighbor’s house to say hi to the pooch next door.

6. Cliques are a thing.


If you thought cliques were a thing we all grew out of after high school, think again. Go to any dog park and you’ll see little groups of pups stick together. Just try to keep from having awful flashbacks of your teenage years.

7. Even morning-lovers like sleeping in sometimes.


Snooze buttons were invented for a reason, and although your pup might normally nudge you awake with all the energy of a kid waking up on a snow day, some days she likes to lazily roll out of bed, blink sleepily, and wish for more sleepytime.

8. They can be social, but sometimes it’s just too much.

puppy being annoying

Just like you, your dog appreciates some alone time. Especially after dealing with puppies. It’s exhausting being around other derps all day. Oh, and that stage of pubescent awkwardness you’ve got immortalized in school pictures at Mom’s house? Your dog can totally be social awkward sometimes too.

9. Dieting is super hard.

cheeseburger pug

Seriously, nothing makes you want cake more than telling yourself you can’t have any. Dogs know the struggle, too.

Featured image via YouTube

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Written by: Nicole Zalat

April 22, 2015

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