Sniffing Out The Competition: BarkPost Goes To The Dog Show

Tonight is the second night of The Westminster Kennel Club’s 140th Annual Dog Show (never have more syllables been uttered in one breath.) And by the grace of Dog, the BarkPost team will be there at Madison Square Garden to live tweet and snapchat the event …in between, you know, smooching pups, rubbing bellies, and gawking at dog balls.

In pawnor of the big event, we thought we would remind everyone what is was like the last time we went to a dog show…


A couple of years ago, we sent Bark & Co.’s weirdest best and brightest pack member, Val Lowitz, who is almost certainly not illiterate, to The American Kennel Club’s Annual Dog Show in Philadelphia. He walked the green carpet, interviewed the pups, and made fast friends with a man in a dog suit.

We expect things to get even crazier this year thanks to alcohol social media. So join us, won’t you!? Follow @BarkPost and #BarkMinster on Twitter and @BarkBox on Snapchat to join in on the doggie debauchery!


Zoe Costello

6 years ago

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