Dog Sighting At Soccer Game Gets Tongues A Wagging

***BarkPost does not condone the breaking of whatever rules the man in this story broke to get his dog into this match.*** Caught at a Leeds United match, this man and his pup celebrate a Leeds victory over Wigan! leeds1 The pup doesn't appear to bear any of the official markings of a service dog, which left everyone who saw the pup or the pic wondering, "How did he get his dog in the game?" While the answer may remain a mystery, the internet was abuzz with talk of Leeds United's unofficial mascot. Daily Star quoted a few of their favorite Tweets about the matter:
"Love this, some dude yesterday somehow got his dog to Wigan.. I am howling approval" "I seen some dodgy stewarding over the years but how the [pup] do you take a dog into a ground?" "Officially #lufc took 4,689 fans and one dog to Wigan. I am howling my approval."
Yeah, we don't get all the soccer lingo either, but we're just pleased to know that British soccer hooligans love them some pups!
H/t to Daily Star

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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