A St. Bernard Is Here To Save Your Cell Phone

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

March 13, 2015

St. Bernards are synonymous with the term ‘rescue dog’ as they are well-known for their role in rescuing people up in the Swiss Alps. However, popular cellphone juicer brand, mophie, will be putting their own techie twist on the rescue concept this weekend at SXSW, Austin.

How? By having St. Bernards rescue SXSW-goers in need of an emergency recharge with mophie packs!

mophie rescue

All people have to do is tweet a screenshot of their dying battery to @mophie with #mophierescue and selected users will receive a link with an interactive map that will track the St. Bernard’s location.


In a press release, mophie’s VP of Marketing, Ross Howe said:

“We’ve activated at SXSW for several years and saving the batteries of attendees’ mobile devices has become our reputation during the week in Austin. This year, we tossed in a new element and partnered with the National St. Bernard Foundation for some added assistance to our rescue efforts, while also making the adoption of these lovable dogs easy. The idea is: mophie and the St. Bernards save the people of SXSW. The people of SXSW save the St. Bernards.”

Olive Ashwell, Marketing Manager for the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation hopes that these cutie patooties trotting around saving the day will make them a more popular pick when it comes to finding them “safe and loving homes.”

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H/t USA Today

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

March 13, 2015