Stephen Colbert’s Version Of The Oscars Is Way Better And Fluffier

If you’re like me, you probably started watching The Oscars only to realize 10 minutes in that it’s basically a total snooze fest. Stephen Colbert obviously thinks like me because he came up with an ingenious solution to those moments of downtime when you’re just staring at your TV wondering why you’re waiting 30 minutes to find out who won, “Best Supporting Actor” when you could just have your phone ping you with the “news”.

Welcome to the Puppy Oscars! The best thing to happen to TV since TV dinners.

The coolest thing about this (besides the tail-waggers of course), is that all the dogs featured in the video are up for adoption. So, if you’re interested in taking one of these fluff-butts home, bounce on over to AnimalLeague.Org

Featured image via The Late Show With Stephen Colbert/YouTube

Tasmai Uppin

6 years ago