Chihuahua Stowaways Are A Thing Now And It Could Happen To You.

So how many times has your dog snuck into your suitcase while you were packing in an attempt to keep you from leaving them behind (or just take a nap)? And how many times have you had to chase them out of the bag? Well one doge snuck into their pup parent's luggage so well no one knew about it...until at LaGuardia airport when the checked bag set off an alarm. A TSA employee opened the suitcase and was shocked to see this small face peeping out:
Apparently, the little Chihuahua was snuggled, comfy and cozy, inside. When informed, the pup's mom was completely boggled and had no idea. The secretive stowaway hadn't made a peep from inside! Fortunately, the woman was able to call her husband, who took the pup back home, safe and sound. For more on the adorable story, watch below!
Featured Image via @tsa
h/t to KTLA 5

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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