6 DIY Projects To Pup Up Your Life

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

March 3, 2015

Whether you’ve got the type of personality that likes to keep you busy, or you prefer to lounge around the house in your PJs, as long as you love dogs we’ve got the DIY projects for you. These can all be done from the comfort of your home (yes, we mean in front of the television) or in a designated workspace.

These puptastic DIYs come to you from StumbleUpon, which is basically a great collection of neat stuff from all over the internet, from DIY to much, much more. Just click the link and enjoy!

So here are 6 DIY projects to dogify yo’ life.

1. Birthday Snickerpoodles

Great for any occasion, these Birthday Snickerpoodles are fun to make and a great way to show your dog you care! Bone appetit!


2. Love Is A Four-Legged Word Dog Cabinet

This project looks hardcore (cuz it is!) but anyone can do it. Just find the dream cabinet you want to turn into a dog bed and follow the directions. Your pup will be rockin’ a sweet new bed in no time.


3. How To Make And Use A Simple Puppy Bell

Love playing with dogs AND with arts and crafts? Make your pup this beautiful training bell nad you can use it for clicker-training or as a “I need to go outside” bell by the backdoor.


4. Heart Shaped Cranberry Cookies For Dogs

Nothing says ruv like a heart-shaped sweet. Especially if the ingredients are dog-friendly like these. With the right cookie cutter they could even be bone-shaped cookies.


5. Collar Bows and Bow Ties for Dogs

There’s no better way to amplify your dog’s cute factor than with a quick and easy DIY bowtie. Find the right collar and you’re half way there.


6. Scrapbooking, Knitting And More

This link features 7 more pawesome DIY projects ranging from the arts & crafts to recipes. Dogify your home overnight with any of these simple instructions!


Featured image via Momma Told Me

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Written by: Brandon Rhoads

March 3, 2015

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