Suspected Bait Dog Now Has His Own Set Of Wheels And A Foster Home To Roll Into

Written by: Levity Tomkinson

May 20, 2016

A few months ago, BarkPost reported on Rambo, a suspected bait dog used by dogfighters who was left in a wooded area to suffer and die from his injuries.


But that’s not where Rambo’s story ended. Instead, he was found by a realtor who became lost on the way to a showing and then taken to Baxter Veterinary Clinic, where he was given immediate medical care. Due to the extent of Rambo’s injuries – and lack of previous medical attention – his back feet had to be amputated, but ultimately his life was saved.

Rambo 4

Rambo 5

Rambo will continue to have surgeries that will hopefully enable him to walk more comfortably on his hind legs. However, during the interim, he’s the fastest dude in town thanks to a shiny new set of wheels. Rambo now has his very own wheelchair to help him navigate more quickly and with less strain on his body.

rambo 6

Rambo is currently under the care of Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency for his continuing medical needs, however, a new wheelchair isn’t the only thing that Rambo has to help him heal. Rambo just recently spent his first night in his new foster home with his foster mom and foster siblings and plenty of cuddles were to be had.

Rambo 3

Rambo 1

Rambo 2

Rambo is enjoying taking in the sights of living in a home for what is very likely his first time. He’s reportedly fascinated by the ceiling fan and is also trying to figure out why his foster mom is dragging a loud, sucky thing across the floor.

To keep up with Rambo’s continuing recovery as well as Every Life Matters Animal Rescue, the rescue which Rambo is with, you can follow along on Facebook here and here. Donations for Rambo’s medical costs can be made here.

H/t The Dodo

Featured image via WBTV

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Written by: Levity Tomkinson

May 20, 2016

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