Team BarkBox: Our First Dogs

It’s no secret that Team BarkBox loves every single dog we meet, but we wanted to share a few photos of the pups in our lives that started it all. (Because the Internet will never have enough cute dog photos.) <3

becky carella
Becky Carella, Lead Developer “This is me and my first dog, Circe. I liked hanging out with her in her crate.”
Carly Strife and Cooper
Carly Strife, Co-Founder “My first dog, Cooper.”
rob schutz
Rob Schutz, Head of User Acquisition Marketing This is me with my dog, Ernie, and wife (Jamie). We adopted him from a great organization in NYC called Stray from the Heart, who rescued Ernie from Puerto Rico.
josephine rosetzsky
Josephine Rosetzsky, Director of Marketing “My first dog’s name was Buster. I loved to sleep with him in his dog bed.”
danielle mavael
Danielle Maveal, Community Happiness Director Don’t have a photo of my first dog, but she was a doberman named Cushion who thought I was her puppy! We took naps in her dog basket together. ๐Ÿ™‚
Henrik Werdelin, Co-Founder “My first dog, Caddie.”
Lindsay Kendall, Customer Happiness Representative “My brother and I with our tri-colored Border Collie, Nessie. I spent my entire childhood being watched over and herded by Border Collies.”
Matt Meeker, Co-Founder “This is Hugo, the inspiration behind BarkBox.”
Erin Tao, Head of Merchandising “I adopted Scout thinking that I’d have a new best friend and running mate… at least I got the first part right.” ๐Ÿ™‚
Stacie Grissom, Content Manager “My first dog, Daisy. I begged my parents for years to get her– I loved to hitch her up to our little red wagon and coax her to pull me around.” ๐Ÿ™‚


Stacie Grissom

9 years ago