Hero Teen Receives $1000 Scholarship In Return For Rescuing A Runaway Pup

Reviewed by Dina Fantegrossi

October 10, 2015

On August 27, Cujo, a spirited 10-year old Min Pin escaped from his yard and went missing in Rowlett, Texas. Cujo’s hooman, Carrie Williams, and her friends sprang to action forming “Team Cujo” to locate the mischievous pup. They hung flyers all over the city, placed traps, created Facebook and Twitter pages, and even sniffed dog feces searching for Cujo’s distinctive poop scent.

On September 24, four long weeks after Cujo’s escape, Rowlett High School twelfth grader Zack Pavageau was playing less than one mile from Williams’ home. He spotted a slender pooch he believed to be the dog from the posters around town. Zack called his dad, who tracked down Williams’ phone number. After sending along a photo Zack snapped of the precocious pooch, Williams tearfully confirmed that it was indeed Cujo.


Young Zack managed to lure the frightened dog into a crate. Monica Kizziar, a member of Team Cujo, rushed to pick up the little escapee and deliver him to Lake Ray Hubbard Emergency Pet Care Center in Mesquite. There, a veterinarian examined the dog and found that he was miraculously unharmed – but, he did lose three pounds during his month long adventure.

Williams joyously reunited with Cujo at the clinic where he spent one night on IV fluids as a health precaution. An anonymous donor, apparently touched by Cujo’s story, paid his $1,000 vet bill. Elated and grateful at having Cujo home, Williams and Kizziar knew they had to do something to repay young hero, Zack.


Kizziar is a certified college advisor at GMAC Family Financial of Rowlett. She and fellow members of Team Cujo presented Zack with a $1000 college scholarship from GMAC and a $360 gift certificate for Driver’s Ed at Safe Start Driving School.

This happy ending could have been far different if it wasn’t for Zack, and Team Cujo will be eternally grateful. Zack helped ensure a future for Williams and Cujo, and in return the team has contributed to Zack’s bright future, as well!

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Reviewed by Dina Fantegrossi

October 10, 2015